About Us

Welcome to The Pa-Paw Patch!  Thanks for visiting our site, which we hope you find inspiring!   Our smiling and happy children, our crafts and projects to bring fun learning to the classroom, and the fun-filled attitude around this place everyday are inspirations to us!  

front of The Pa-Paw Patch
We’re a licensed childcare center in small town Vale, North Carolina that has been open since February 14, 2000.  We accept all children, ages 6 weeks through 5 years.  

We built our center from the ground up to look more like home rather than a school, because we want everyone who comes in to feel at home.  We believe that every child deserves a happy childhood and the chance to be a kid.  We encourage learning through play, and we build lots of playtime learning into our curriculum.   

The Pa-Paw Patch's Playground

We have large playgrounds to support outdoor gross motor play, at least an hour a day.  Our classrooms are fully stocked with art, science, and music supplies, along with areas for dramatic play (housekeeping and dress-up), block play (supports early math skills), and quiet areas for book reading.   

music time at The Pa-Paw Patch

We encourage imagination and learning led by the child’s interest, which develops critical thinking skills.  Our Patchers are well-prepared for “big school,” learning numbers, letters, and writing.  We also focus on teaching rhyming, opposites, colors, shapes, and many more basic kindergarten skills.  If you're interested in getting an idea about the kinds of activities we do, head over to our HomePlay page for a few examples.