Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Anniversary to Us! 15 Years!

Sunlight pours through Kool-Aid painted hearts in the Pre-K room!

Valentine's Day is a special day around here...not just because we love showing our Patchers how much we love them, but also because it's the day we opened, 15 years ago!!  We are so excited to celebrate our fifteenth anniversary this year, so be looking for a few treats tomorrow when you pick up your children!  We want to thank our wonderful staff who show up to teach and love our Patchers every day, and, of course, our Patch parents who trust us with their most precious possessions.  We wouldn't be here without you!

Valentine boxes stand ready to be filled with sweet notes in the 3's!

We've had lots of fun this Valentine's week, learning all about hearts, the colors red and pink, and making lots of LOVEly art projects.  See some pictures below!

The Pre-K class had lots of fun with hearts, hearts, and more hearts!  Their projects included honing fine motor skills by cutting out hearts and creating pieces of art with both the positive and negative spaces that were made.  Their decorated bags hang on their bulletin board to collect all their Heart Day goodies!

The four-year-olds created paper plate Valentine holders for their treats.  They made Valentine's slime and enjoyed feeling it and playing with it!  They also created an "Acts of Kindness" board, and anytime one of the children was caught doing something good, they got their names on the board.  So cute!

The three-year-olds have had fun decorating their Christmas tree for all the seasons.  Here, beautiful colored hearts serve as the decorations!

The two-year-olds made special gifts for mom and dad, and also did these pretty tissue paper hearts to decorate their door.

The one-year-olds colored hearts for their Valentine boxes and made Valentine handprints for gifts.

This is the Valentine's sensory boxes that the children got to play in this week.  The older kids had rice in the bottom, but the younger kids had red and pink pompoms in the bottom.  Felt beanbag hearts, foam hearts, Valentine's ribbon and pipe cleaner hearts were in the tub to play with.  Our children love these boxes, and they get a new one each week to go along with our theme.

Our Patchers also love the sand and water tables, which we fill with theme-related items.  Lots of scooping, pouring, measuring, and sorting happen here, which are early math and science skills.  This one, from the Pre-K class was a heart-finding table.  The kids had to scoop around and see how many hearts they could find.