Monday, September 15, 2014

Let's Go Camping! - August 18-22

Camping Week is one of the kids' favorite weeks here at The Pa-Paw Patch and this one was no exception!  We had tents up in some of the classrooms, ate marshmallows, did a little fishing, and had lots of fun.

The one-year-olds stamped stars on black paper.  They also painted campfires and glued marshmallows on them.

The two-year-olds finger-painted campfires and made fingerprint fireflies on black paper.

The three-year-olds set up a tent and had all the props, including a woodpile, lantern, fishing poles, and hay bales.  What a great atmosphere to learn in!  They got to bring in sleeping bags in all the Pre-K classes to nap in and play in a tent outside.  The three's enjoyed eating s'mores and creating tent peek-a-boo art!

The four-year-old class painted with marshmallows, which turned out super cute! They also made tent art and enjoyed circle time on hay bales in the glow of a campfire.  Looks like they'll be eating fish cooked over the fire!

The five-year-olds enjoyed their tent and campfire, especially when they got to have circle time in the tent and eat marshmallows!  They went "fishing," roasted marshmallows in the pretend campfire, and had a picnic lunch!

We enjoyed learning while we "camped out" all week!  Next up...Fairytale Week!

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