Friday, August 15, 2014

Let's Get Moving!: Exercise, Sports, and the Olympics - July 28-August 1

We really enjoyed our exercise and sports week here at The Pa-Paw Patch!  It was an active week, full of games and play as we learned how exercise helps our bodies!  Here's a few of the things we did...

The one-year-olds glued shapes on to white paper plates to create soccer balls!

The two-year-olds used a toilet tissue roll to stamp circles on paper, as in the Olympic rings!  They also painted popcorn buckets...a staple at sporting events!

The three-year-olds grew a green bean plant and discovered this week that green beans were growing on it.  What good timing!  They stretched their arm muscles doing wall paintings outside, too.  They enjoyed coloring popcorn buckets, then popped popcorn and glued it on top.  Then, of course, they had some for a snack!  Skating on paper plates was a super fun gross motor activity, and then the kids loved exploring sports equipment at circle time!

The Pre-K classes stamped Olympic rings, had fun learning and practicing new sports, made wall paintings, and drew pictures of their favorite sports.  A few boys even played a version of basketball and kept score!  A great way to practice math!

Next up...Weather Week!

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