Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How Does It Work? - July 21-25

We found a little inspiration from "Team Umizoomi" and created a week dedicated to science, technology, and finding out how things work!  The kids had a great time exploring, creating, and asking questions during this week.  See what we did below...

The one-year-olds talked a lot about vehicles, rockets, and wheels, and enjoyed practicing circles!

The two-year-olds made gear prints by dipping toy gears in paint and stamping them on paper!

The three-year-olds had lots of hands-on opportunities to build this week!  We love their LEGO pyramid!

The four-year-olds crafted robots faces with old floppy discs and aluminum foil, played with a parachute, and enjoyed drawing their own robots.

The five-year-olds practiced folding and flying paper airplanes.  Ms. Kelly also taped tubes to the walls so the kids could drop marbles down them and watch them go!  They made shape robots, painted robots, and explored the inside of a computer!

Next up...our Exercise, Sports, and Olympics week!

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