Thursday, July 31, 2014

Water Weeks - July 7-18

Now that things are settling back into more of a routine after vacations (both by staff and kids!), we can have another blog post!  For two weeks, we enjoyed lessons centered around water.  The first week was water week, where we learned about all kinds of water - oceans, lakes, rivers, pools - and we continued the next week with a pirate and mermaid theme, which is always a hit with the kids!  Here's a few pictures...

The one-year-olds painted and stamped whales, decorated mermaids, and colored pictures of Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

The two-year-olds painted pirate ships and fish, then created an "octopus" by tying eight bits of yarn around the edges of a cup.  They held onto the cup, dipped the strings in paint, then painted with the octopus!  We love their octopus paintings!

The three-year-olds drew "under the sea," played in water at the water table, and crafted octopuses from toilet paper rolls.  They also made fishing poles from a paper towel tube and a string, then dipped the string in paint and used it to paint a picture!  We also liked their fishing snack, where they dipped a pretzel in peanut butter, then stuck it to a goldfish, essentially fishing for goldfish!  And we can't forget the pirate treasure maps the kids made...aargh!

The four-year-old Pre-K class made watercolor pictures by drawing with markers, then squirting the paper, making the colors run like watercolors.  They created sharks and painted with their own octopuses.  Water play was fun as they explored with sponges and water toys, and decorating mermaids were a huge hit!

The five-year-old Pre-K class grew sea monkeys as a pretty clever science experiment.  They decorated bathing suits and strung them on a line across their ocean bulletin board, which was super cute!  They played fishing games, tie-dyed t-shirts, decorated pirates and mermaids as a take-home family activity, and drew their own pirate ships!

Yo-ho, what fun days we've had at The Pa-Paw Patch!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

America the Beautiful Week - June 30-July 4

We had a short week last week since we were closed the 3rd and 4th to celebrate the Fourth of July.  But that didn't stop us from having lots of red, white, and blue fun!  Here's what we did...

The one-year-olds painted with red, white, and blue, decorated stars, and colored pictures of the Statue of Liberty.  Somehow we didn't get any pictures, but they did have a good time!

The two-year-olds colored rice red and blue (and kept some white too) and used it to create fireworks!  They drew fireworks lines with glue and sprinkled rice on them.  So cute!

The three-year-olds made beautiful glittery stars and patriotic hats.  They also enjoyed playing in the red, white, and blue spaghetti noodles with our Pre-K classes.

The Pre-K classes went together for the week and had lots of fun!  They painted their hands like flags and stamped them on paper.  They created a class flag and enjoyed playing with patriotic noodles, some even making flags with them!  For science play, they created fireworks two different ways; they dropped drops of red and blue food coloring in a pan of milk, added a few drops of dish detergent, and watched as the food coloring dashed away from the detergent.  They also put vinegar and baking soda in a bag, sealed it, and watched as the bag blew up and popped open!  Presidential flashcards were also fun to play with!  They also created patriotic symmetrical art, putting paint on one side of a paper and folding it to create a mirror image.

We hope everyone had a happy Fourth of July!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Disney Week! - June 23-27

For pure fun, we decided to throw in a Disney week for the children to celebrate characters they all know and love!  We used it as a great learning experience too, making sure our activities kept our little ones' math, science, language, and writing skills sharp, in a most delightful way!  Here's a few of the things we did...

The one-year-olds made lion's masks, with a little inspiration from "The Lion King."  They also made wands and colored Mickey and Minnie pictures!

The two-year-olds colored Disney pictures, glued together Olaf from "Frozen," and made really neat Mickey and Minnie silhouette art prints!

The three-year-olds practiced math skills by playing with circles.  They created "Hidden Mickeys," where they glued a Mickey head on paper, then glued red circles over the paper, letting the Mickey head peep out.  We loved this and so did the kids!  They also used their finger tips to create a fingerprint hot air balloon from "Up."

The four-year-olds practiced sorting (a great math activity!) by sorting the characters from Peter Pan into groups of "Flies" and "Doesn't Fly."  They made "Up" balloons as well and folded "Dumbo" hats for the kids!

The five-year-olds crafted magic wands and decorated clear cups to create lanterns, just like Rapunzel's!  They counted colorful Mickey heads and drew pictures of their favorite toys (like in "Toy Story")!

See ya real soon!