Friday, June 27, 2014

Rainforests and Jungles - June 16-20

We had lots of fun last week learning about rainforests and jungles!  We talked about where they are located, their climate, and what animals live in these habitats.  Our Pre-K classes decorated their classrooms with paper vines and banana trees to get in the spirit, and the kids loved it!  A few of our other activities...

The one-year-olds created a rainforest bulletin board with their art, which included colored bananas and rainforest animals and tissue paper pineapples.  They enjoyed a frozen banana dipped in chocolate snack, tasting the rainforest as well!

The two-year-olds rolled ping pong balls around in a box with paper and black paint to make tiger stripes!  They also enjoyed creating colorful birds with rainbow crepe paper tails.

The three-year-olds enjoyed jungle storytime under the banana tree decorated with the monkeys and bananas the kids colored.  They also created rain art by sprinkling Kool-Aid powder on paper and spraying it with water.  Beautiful!

The four-year-olds colored monkeys and bananas to hang in their vines and painted jungle animal suncatchers that shine so bright in the windows!

The five-year-olds created a rainforest board of their own with their birds, rainforest animals, and bananas.  They had a rainforest taste test where they tried food that comes from the rainforest, such as mangoes, bananas, pineapple, and chocolate.  Ms. Kelly also showed them a video from the BBC of children in the jungle who hunt tarantulas for dinner!  They kids were grossed out...and amazed!  They then had to go on tarantula hunts in block center to find spiders!  If you want to see the video for yourself, find it here.

It was a fun week, and this week, we've been having a Disney Week!  See pictures from it real soon!

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