Friday, June 6, 2014

HomePlay - Counting Ties Father's Day Math Activity

Counting Ties Math Activity 

We haven't had a HomePlay in awhile, but we created this fun math activity for our Father's Day theme and thought we'd share it with you!  (The link to download the ties are at the bottom of this post.)  These ties are numbered with the intention that the kids can place the appropriate number of  counters, buttons, small pieces of paper, or whatever other small objects you have around the house on the ties.  They can also draw or put stickers on the ties, which is what our kids decided to do.  

We started out doing pretty well, one drawing on the one tie, seven star stickers on the number seven tie, drawing four flowers on number four, and so forth.  

Then, free reign kicked in and the kids began to decorate their ties however they saw fit, which was fine!  They were having a great time, so all was well.  See what happened to the number 9 tie?  Nine stripes, but then lots of color and stickers added!

One of our "testers" wanted to present tie number 10 to her dad for Father's Day!  This ends up being a fun math and art activity for the kids as they get ready to celebrate Father's Day!  Download the tie templates by clicking the links below.  Each page has two ties on it.  Leave a comment and let us know how your kids decorated their ties.  Enjoy!

Counting Ties Page 1
Counting Ties Page 2
Counting Ties Page 3
Counting Ties Page 4
Counting Ties Page 5