Monday, June 23, 2014

Father's Day - June 9-13

We celebrated Father's Day by talking about our dads, grandpas, uncles, and all of our father figures.  We also made lots of Father's Day gifts and cards for those special people in our lives!

Ms. Chan helped the one-year-olds make a "Daddy Collage" where they glued pictures of daddies on a poster.  They made picture frames and cards for their Father's Day gifts.

The two-year-olds made a toolbox Father's Day card along with a really cute "I Love You" print (the heart is the child's upside-down handprints) and a page of their footprints (the picture is missing the "Walking in Your Footsteps" poem that was glued in the middle).  Lots of good things to give to their dads!

The three-year-olds made black handprints on baseballs and mod podged their pictures onto wood tiles for their dads.  And somehow we got NO pictures of this!!!  I'm not sure how that happened, but I guess we were too busy playing and having fun!  Here's examples of these crafts from Pinterest...

The four-year-olds had pictures made of themselves in their dad's clothes, then framed it in a handprint frame.  Super cute!  They also decorated paper ties for their dads!

The five-year-olds decorated neckties and practiced fine motor and language skills by clipping ties to a clothesline with clothespins and putting the ties in alphabetical order. They also stamped handprints on aprons for Father's Day gifts.

We hope all of our dads, grandpas, uncles and other father-figures enjoyed the gifts our little hands made!

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