Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dinosaurs - June 2-6

During our Dinosaur week, we learned so much and had lots of fun!

The one-year-olds made tissue paper dinosaurs, fingerpainted, and enjoyed digging in dirt for dinos in our dinosaur sensory tub.

The two-year-olds traced their shoe, then turned it into a Stegosaurus.  Then they used their handprints to make spikes on a Stegosaurus.

The three-year-olds made dinosaur bones with toilet paper, used buttons to decorate a dinosaur, and dug for dinos in their sand and water table filled with plastic dinosaurs and brown pompoms.  They also had an awesome outdoor storytime one afternoon and got to hold plastic dinosaurs as they listened to a dino book!

The four-year-olds made dinosaur skeletons out of noodles and colored dinosaurs to put into paper eggs.  Ms. Tara froze plastic dinos in water in muffin tins and let the kids play with them in the sand and water table.  They loved trying to make them melt faster and playing with them in the meantime.  Ms. Tara also brought in a dinosaur egg which hatched after being put in water!  The kids were amazed!

The five-year-olds made a dinosaur book.  They each drew a picture of their own dinosaur and dictated a little about it.  We love when they make class books because they're so entertaining to read!  They also decorated dinos and dino eggs, put together paper dinosaur skeletons, and enjoyed coloring dinos and creating a few out of Playdough!

Up next...Father's Day!


  1. Great ideas! Congratulations!

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