Friday, June 27, 2014

Rainforests and Jungles - June 16-20

We had lots of fun last week learning about rainforests and jungles!  We talked about where they are located, their climate, and what animals live in these habitats.  Our Pre-K classes decorated their classrooms with paper vines and banana trees to get in the spirit, and the kids loved it!  A few of our other activities...

The one-year-olds created a rainforest bulletin board with their art, which included colored bananas and rainforest animals and tissue paper pineapples.  They enjoyed a frozen banana dipped in chocolate snack, tasting the rainforest as well!

The two-year-olds rolled ping pong balls around in a box with paper and black paint to make tiger stripes!  They also enjoyed creating colorful birds with rainbow crepe paper tails.

The three-year-olds enjoyed jungle storytime under the banana tree decorated with the monkeys and bananas the kids colored.  They also created rain art by sprinkling Kool-Aid powder on paper and spraying it with water.  Beautiful!

The four-year-olds colored monkeys and bananas to hang in their vines and painted jungle animal suncatchers that shine so bright in the windows!

The five-year-olds created a rainforest board of their own with their birds, rainforest animals, and bananas.  They had a rainforest taste test where they tried food that comes from the rainforest, such as mangoes, bananas, pineapple, and chocolate.  Ms. Kelly also showed them a video from the BBC of children in the jungle who hunt tarantulas for dinner!  They kids were grossed out...and amazed!  They then had to go on tarantula hunts in block center to find spiders!  If you want to see the video for yourself, find it here.

It was a fun week, and this week, we've been having a Disney Week!  See pictures from it real soon!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Father's Day - June 9-13

We celebrated Father's Day by talking about our dads, grandpas, uncles, and all of our father figures.  We also made lots of Father's Day gifts and cards for those special people in our lives!

Ms. Chan helped the one-year-olds make a "Daddy Collage" where they glued pictures of daddies on a poster.  They made picture frames and cards for their Father's Day gifts.

The two-year-olds made a toolbox Father's Day card along with a really cute "I Love You" print (the heart is the child's upside-down handprints) and a page of their footprints (the picture is missing the "Walking in Your Footsteps" poem that was glued in the middle).  Lots of good things to give to their dads!

The three-year-olds made black handprints on baseballs and mod podged their pictures onto wood tiles for their dads.  And somehow we got NO pictures of this!!!  I'm not sure how that happened, but I guess we were too busy playing and having fun!  Here's examples of these crafts from Pinterest...

The four-year-olds had pictures made of themselves in their dad's clothes, then framed it in a handprint frame.  Super cute!  They also decorated paper ties for their dads!

The five-year-olds decorated neckties and practiced fine motor and language skills by clipping ties to a clothesline with clothespins and putting the ties in alphabetical order. They also stamped handprints on aprons for Father's Day gifts.

We hope all of our dads, grandpas, uncles and other father-figures enjoyed the gifts our little hands made!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dinosaurs - June 2-6

During our Dinosaur week, we learned so much and had lots of fun!

The one-year-olds made tissue paper dinosaurs, fingerpainted, and enjoyed digging in dirt for dinos in our dinosaur sensory tub.

The two-year-olds traced their shoe, then turned it into a Stegosaurus.  Then they used their handprints to make spikes on a Stegosaurus.

The three-year-olds made dinosaur bones with toilet paper, used buttons to decorate a dinosaur, and dug for dinos in their sand and water table filled with plastic dinosaurs and brown pompoms.  They also had an awesome outdoor storytime one afternoon and got to hold plastic dinosaurs as they listened to a dino book!

The four-year-olds made dinosaur skeletons out of noodles and colored dinosaurs to put into paper eggs.  Ms. Tara froze plastic dinos in water in muffin tins and let the kids play with them in the sand and water table.  They loved trying to make them melt faster and playing with them in the meantime.  Ms. Tara also brought in a dinosaur egg which hatched after being put in water!  The kids were amazed!

The five-year-olds made a dinosaur book.  They each drew a picture of their own dinosaur and dictated a little about it.  We love when they make class books because they're so entertaining to read!  They also decorated dinos and dino eggs, put together paper dinosaur skeletons, and enjoyed coloring dinos and creating a few out of Playdough!

Up next...Father's Day!