Friday, May 23, 2014

Gardening and Flowers - May 12-16

Finally, pictures from last week!  We talked about plants, gardens, and flowers, learned about parts of a plant, and planted our vegetable garden.  Here's pictures from our week of growing!

The one-year-olds made a garden scene with their handprints, footprints and fingerprints.  They also colored butterflies, painted flowers, and planted seeds!

The two-year-olds made garden scenes with their fingerprints, used forks to paint tulips, and made bees and ladybugs with their fingerprints!

The three-year-olds measured their heights by creating a height flower garden!  

The four-year-olds really enjoyed making their fork tulips!  They also loved painting flowers during free-art time.  As you can see, our flower sensory tubs, filled with fake flowers and flower arranging supplies, was a huge hit!  Many children had fun pretending they were in weddings!

The five-year-olds had fun free-drawing flowers and stamping flowers to create beautiful bulletin boards!  The pieced together a plant on paper and labeled each part of the plant.  They also created a class gardening book where the children made pictures of what they wanted to grow in their gardens.  Super cute!

Early next week, we'll have a post about our MUD DAY!!  Also, look for pictures from this week's Farm Week!