Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Week - March 31-April 4

Last week we talked all about spring...ladybugs, butterflies, and spring things!  We had such fun creating some neat things to celebrate!

The ones made "Very Hungry Caterpillars" and stamped with ladybugs and butterflies. They also made Cheerio bird feeders.

The two-year-olds made handprint sunshines and decorated spring butterflies!  They also enjoyed picking out the spring clothes for the bear to wear on their class flannel board.

The three-year-olds made sun reflectors to hang in the window and also strung Cheerios on pipe cleaners to create bird feeders.

The four-year-olds made really pretty paper plate birds and tissue paper butterflies.

The five-year-olds made the cutest symmetrical butterflies, dabbing paint on one side and folding them half to make a mirror image on the other side.  They also took pictures of themselves and put them in the center of butterfly wings!

This week, we're busy celebrating all of our Patchers during the Week of the Young Child.  We have so many fun things planned, so check back for pictures from the week!

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