Monday, April 7, 2014

We Love Milk!

We had a very special guest come to The Pa-Paw Patch on Tuesday…Ms. Dairyberry, farmer’s wife and milk extraordinaire!  She came to teach the children about milk and why it’s good for our bodies.

All of the children had to tiptoe out of their classrooms because that silly Ms. Dairyberry was asleep on her hay bale!

When she woke up, she showed the children some stretches, everyone mooing as they went!

Then she played a game with the kids.  She held up pictures of animals and the kids had to say which animals gave milk to their babies.  The goat, cow, cat, and dog did, but not the chicken, duck, alligator, or turtle!  Then, Ms. Dairyberry gave pictures of baby animals to other children and they had to go stand beside their “mommy”.  When all the babies and mommies were reunited, we sang a rousing rendition of “Ms. Dairyberry Had a Farm!”

Then Ms. Dairyberry taught the children about how milk makes their teeth, bone, and muscles very strong.  She also told them about what we get from milk, like butter, cheese, and yogurt.  Then, a yummy treat!  Ms. Dairyberry passed out small cups of vanilla yogurt with a strawberry on top to all the kids.

She brought pictures of her dairy farm too, showing the kids what the cows looked like waiting in line to be milked and hooked up to the milking machines.  Then, the best part of the whole “fieldtrip”…the children got to go outside and see and pet a real baby calf that Ms. Dairyberry brought!

The children loved Ms. Dairyberry’s program, and we sure appreciate Beam Dairy Farm out of Cherryville, NC for supplying the farmer’s wife and the calf!

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