Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Pa-Paw Patch's New Look

When you walk into The Pa-Paw Patch, you'll now see this!

We were the gracious recipients of these beautiful works of art, which came from Caldwell Memorial Hospital.  They had commissioned them from artist Denise Riddle for their pediatric unit, where they hung until the hospital redecorated.  They offered them to us, and we gladly accepted!  Next time you're by, please stop in and admire!

We think they're just gorgeous hung around our center, and the kids have really liked them so far!  This tree hangs right outside our three-year-old room.

These playful racoons hang above the water fountain.

These deer hang on the wall outside our infant, one, and two-year-old classes.

Our one-year-old room has these cute animals playing ball hung at the top of their wall.   

 Our infant room has this pretty woodland scene.  What visual stimulation for the babies!

Another new, exciting change...we've split up our four-/five-year-old room into two rooms.  We were quickly outgrowing one room and had so many children going to kindergarten this year that we decided to give them a room all to themselves!  This way, our teachers can better work one-on-one with the children to develop their individual kindergarten skills and prepare them for "big school".  

Our five-year-old room
 The new four-year-old room still follows the Pre-K curriculum and works on pre-kindergarten skills as well.  We're excited, too, to be using the Letterland curriculum for writing and phonics in our three, four, and five-year-old classrooms!  All of our area elementary schools are using this curriculum, so our Patchers will be more than ready when they go to "big school"! 

The new four-year-old room

Very soon, we're going to put up a virtual tour of all of our classrooms right here on our blog.  And of course, you're always welcome to stop in and take a look around.  Call us if you have any questions or want to schedule a visit at 704-462-2435.

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