Friday, March 14, 2014

St. Patrick's Week - March 10-14

This week, we've learned all about St. Patrick's Day, the color green, and shamrocks!  A few of our classes continued the Dr. Seuss theme as well, since it was so much fun.  The final product?  Lots of great pictures of our fun and learning!

A really fun science activity every class did this week was pepper paintings!  We cut a pepper in half, dipped it in green paint, and used it to stamp on paper.  It looked just like a shamrock!

The one-year-olds made shamrock suncatchers with bits of tissue paper and also made scented shamrocks by painting glue on a shamrock and sprinkling lime jello powder onto it.  Yummy smells!

The two-year-olds colored a pot of gold, made handprint four-leaf clovers, rainbow mobiles, and spice shamrocks, where they glued chives to a shamrock.  They also fingerpainted with green and enjoyed playing in the "Green Things" sensory tub!

The three-year-olds hung shamrocks they colored around their door and wrote why they are lucky on them.  We love reading the kids responses!  They also colored a weather chart.  The threes, along with the four and five-year-old classes enjoyed green eggs this morning!

The four and five-year-olds wrote stories of how to catch a leprechaun, made collages of green things, made leprechaun hats and Froot Loop rainbows, and four-leaf clover handprints.

Now that we've learned all about St. Patrick's Day, we're ready for it on Monday!  Don't forget to wear green!

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