Monday, March 3, 2014

Pet Week - February 24-28

Last week, we learned all about pets - what kind of pets people have, how to take care of them, and what a veterinarian does!  We had visits from a veterinarian and an animal control officer, which the kids loved!  Here's a few things we did...

Dr. Jessica Hilderbran from Vale Veterinary Hospital came and talked to us Monday.  See our blog post all about this.

On Friday, Danielle Rudisill, an officer with Lincoln County Animal Control, brought her truck out and told the kids all about what an animal control officer does.

She demonstrated how they caught animals (even snakes!), where they put them on their truck, and how they took them to the shelter to find new homes for them.

 She showed the kids how to approach a dog to tell if it is friendly and how to care for their pets.

The one-year-olds painted dog bones, while the two-year-olds painted a dog house for stuffed animal play and made pet fish.  They also learned the nursery rhyme, "Old Mother Hubbard" and colored pictures of the rhyme.

The three-year-olds painted pet rocks!  What a great pet!

The four-/five-year-olds created shape doghouses and drew pictures of their pets (or pets they wanted).

A few industrious fellas even built a "dog cage" (their words!) out of blocks and locked themselves in!

And just for a pretty picture, our infants (with only a little help from their teachers!) made fingerprint spring scenes that are just lovely!

On to Dr. Seuss Week!


  1. I love reading your blog and seeing whet you guys are up to. Thomas just started a new daycare today. It's nice but we still miss the Pa Paw Patch!

  2. And we miss Tommy Toe! We hope you are all doing well!

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