Friday, March 21, 2014

Friendship Week - March 17-21

This week we've been talking about friends and friendship.  We've witnessed so many friendly acts this week that we've been blown away!  Paper chains of friendship adorn our office door and kitchen window, and many classrooms have signs or chains decorating their doors that other classes made for them.  What a wonderful show of friendship!

This week also marked the release of Frozen (we were so excited we couldn't stand it!).  So we bought a copy and our three- and four-year-old class got to have a movie day and talk about the friendships in the movie.  Other classes are watching it next week.  Many of our Patchers have Frozen-fever, and we were honored to hear a "Let It Go" concert from some of the three-year-olds today!  Now you can hear a part of it too!

Our one-year-olds made a friendship wreath and colored a picture together.  They were so excited working together!  A friendship chain from the threes also decorates their room.

The two-year-olds made a friendship painting together and had water play helping each other wash dishes!  The four-year-olds brought by a sign saying "We Love the Twos".  How sweet!

The three-year-olds made friendship chains for everyone and had a fun time playing together in the sandbox.  Ms. Ashley brought headbands for everyone in her class for Friendship Week too!

The four- and five-year-olds made friendship signs for each class and delivered them on Monday, yelling "Happy Friendship Day!" at each class!  They made friendship cupcakes too, helping Ms. Kelly and Ms. Holli mix up the cupcakes and add food coloring to swirl around.  They were beautiful AND yummy!  They also made friendship bead necklaces, a friendship painting, and painted pictures for each other.  Each Patcher had a bag with their name on it, and throughout the week, their friends would write notes to each other and put them in the right bag.  At the end of the week...a friendship bag of nice notes!

Next week is Nutrition Week, so be ready to talk about some good food!