Friday, February 21, 2014

Olympics Week - February 17-21

What a week of competition, gold medals, torches, and learning about the Olympics!  It's been an exciting week!  Here's what we did...

Winter Olympic Sensory Tub
 We created a really fun sensory tub for our Olympic theme that focused on geography and Russian culture.

 We used fake snow (from a Christmas snow village) as our base and included a world map showing the seven continents, cut-outs of each of the continents, cut-outs of Russian nesting dolls (download your own here...they're super cute!), and cut-outs of world flags.  The kids had a great time exploring with all the items. 

The four-/five-year-olds had a jumping contest and measured how far they could jump!

The three-year-olds mixed mud and snow in a cool experiment.

The four-/five-year-olds painted a flag of their choosing and also built flags with Lego blocks.

The four-/five-year-old gold medal team!!

The three-year-olds did Olympic ring stamping.  They also made torn paper torches.

The one-year-olds painted bobsleds and Russian nesting dolls.

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