Friday, February 7, 2014

Goodnight Week - February 3-7

We've had a fun week talking all about nighttime!  We've learned about bedtime and bedtime routines, like brushing our teeth and taking a bath.  We've also learned about nighttime animals, stars, and the moon.  We've read classic stories, like Goodnight Moon and Good Night, Gorilla.  Here are pictures from our week of yawning and learning!

The one-year-olds made glitter moon and star pictures, sponge painted owls, and enjoyed a pajama day.  They also did a few experiments, like making "elephant toothpaste", and the classic baking soda and vinegar bubble fest!

The two-year-olds made bubble paintings, star sticker pictures, and sponge painted with moon sponges!  They also loved playing in their sensory table.

The three-year-olds made red balloons from Goodnight Moon by dipping cotton balls in red food coloring, flour, and water, baking them, then stomping them to get to the cotton ball inside!  They also created moon paintings with flour and water and stamped on them with bottle caps to look like craters, and roller painted with hair curlers.

The four-/five-year-olds practiced their fine motor skills by cutting out moons and using star stickers to finish out their nighttime pictures.  They made duck sponge paint pictures and made milk bubble paintings.  They also colored owl masks!

We've had a great week, now goodnight everyone!