Monday, January 13, 2014

Wild Animals and the Zoo - January 6-10

Due to computer issues, we weren't able to get our Friday post out, so here it is...just a bit late!  We talked all about wild animals and the zoo last week.  Our teachers did some really awesome things with the kids and went out of their way to make it a super fun week.  We're continuing talking about some of the animals this week as we learn about the circus, so this one should be just as fun!  Here's a recap of our wild week...

The one-year-olds kept a display on their low shelf of zoo animals and zoo books, which the kids loved exploring!  They also made handprint zebras (a hit with every classroom!).

The two-year-olds dipped their toy animals' feet in paint and walked them across paper to create really cute track prints.  Notice the neat lizard track!  Their handprint zebras also turned out great!

The three-year-olds had lots of fun thanks to their teachers, Ms. Ashley and Ms. Brandy, who created zoo cages for them out of boxes.  It started with a zoo cage for their stuffed animals.  They helped decorate it and talked about the animals at the zoo as they put them in the cage.  They all pretended to be zookeepers as they cared for the animals.

Then, the teachers brought in lots of boxes to make a zoo cage for the children to crawl into and pretend to be zoo animals.  All of the three's helped create the zoo cages.  They brought them out to our big room and took turns crawling in the boxes, playing zoo.  After playing with them, they gave one "cage" to each classroom for zoo play.  We have such sweet and thoughtful teachers and Patchers!

The three-year-olds also made footprint penguins, and they rolled a marble dipped in black paint around a box lid with a zebra cut-out in the bottom to create a cool striped zebra!

The four-/five-year-olds created zoos on paper by cutting animal pictures out of magazines and gluing them into a collage.

They had great imaginary play too!  A few kids worked hard building a zoo in the block center, which turned out great!

They also had a lot of fun playing with the zoo box we made them (see how to make one here!).  We created habitat mats too.  We encouraged the kids to try to put the toy animals in their correct habitat.  It went along great with the zoo box, and made good background scenery too!

They also created animal print headbands.  The kids could choose whether they wanted to paint stripes or spots.  So cute!

We were sorry to see zoo week go, but we know circus week will be just as fun!