Friday, January 24, 2014

Our Five Senses Week - January 20-24

This has been such a fun week!!  We've done all sorts of neat art projects, touch and feel experiments, and smell-good play this week while we've learned about our five senses.  Here's a sampling of what we've been doing!

The one-year-olds explored touch by painting on bubblewrap and playing with a sticky wall (contact paper taped to the wall sticky side out).  They had fun sticking pompoms, pipe cleaners, and pieces of yarn onto the wall!  They made "Five Senses Bears" too!  To explore smell, they painted with Kool-Aid, which made the whole room smell nice!  Today, they had a special snacktime featuring different textured food!

The two-year-olds began the week by creating a sticky table with pompoms.  The kids loved to stick the pompoms on and tear them off.  The fun turned into an awesome class art project when the kids realized when they pulled the pompoms off, they left fuzz behind.  They began sticking pompoms all over the paper and pulling it off, creating a beautiful piece of art that looks like a watercolor!  They also put bristle blocks in their center for some textured block play.  The kids had lots of fun when they painted glue on paper and poured cinnamon on to create some good-smelling pictures!

The three-year-olds began the week with an experiment for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  They cracked a brown egg and white egg to see if the insides were the same.  This was a great lesson on equality and tolerance!  They also created touch and feel boxes in their sand and water table, with things to feel such as sandpaper, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, pine shavings, styrofoam pieces, a bag filled with hair gel, pinecones, and crepe paper. They had fun playing in the sensory tub, which included different sizes of pompoms, touch and feel cards, rhythm sticks, and jingle bells.  Later in the week, they made texture stamp art with texture stamps the teachers created, along with the Five Senses Bears.

The four-year-olds painted with Kool-Aid and created beautiful texture art with the texture stamps.  Early in the week, the kids chose stencils, put glue inside the stencil, then sprinkled cinnamon on it to create cinnamon art!  They also made homemade smelly playdough by mixing 1 cup of cornstarch with 1/2 cup of hair conditioner, adding food coloring for color.  The result is really soft, great-smelling dough!  This made the room smell wonderful as the kids played!  They also took old photos of past Patchers, cut the pictures into eyes, nose, and mouth strips, and reassembled the faces.  This was a great idea to show the children which body parts are associated with which sense. 

Now that we've learned all about our senses, let's use them all to explore our community in next week's theme, Let's Go to Town!

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