Friday, January 31, 2014

Let's Go To Town! - January 27-31

What fun this week has been!  We've been talking all about our community and the people in it.  We've learned about buying things and money, pretended to go grocery shopping, and created towns in our block centers and through art projects.  We brought in empty food boxes to play grocery store with.  We used them to build in block center too, and played with them in our housekeeping centers.  Our sensory tubs this week had colorful pompoms which we pretended were candy, and we practiced pouring and scooping our candy into cups!  Here's more of what we've been doing!

The one-year-olds enjoyed the candy sensory tub a lot!  We also created a "piggy bank" (wipe container) with "money" (jar lids) for each class, and the ones loved honing their fine motor skills sticking the money in the piggy bank!  They did free art drawings of the park, too!

The two-year-olds used their sand and water table as a sensory tub for playing "shop".  They had pompoms for candy, pasta noodles, cups to sort into, and spoons and shovels.  They used scissors to practice cutting up sale papers and ads.  They played with their empty food boxes and sale papers in housekeeping and painted the word "town".  They also painted their own towns!


The three-year-olds had a busy week!  They created a sponge-painted town transportation scene on their wall with cars, trucks, planes, and boats.  They used their sand and water table to have a car wash and played with their wipe container piggy banks.  In housekeeping center, they had fun playing restaurant with paper food, menus, and restaurant signs.  For art, they did truck tire paintings.  They finished the week by making chocolate pizzas (they love singing that verse in "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain"!).

The four-/five-year-olds dressed up like community helpers (see our "pilot" below), created an awesome cityscape bulletin board with chalk-drawn buildings, and played with fake money.  They did a great activity where the teachers set the tables up as grocery store aisles and the children went shopping, buying items and paying Ms. Kelly where she bagged them up!  The empty food boxes also proved to be great to build a tower with!  In housekeeping center, the children enjoyed looking through sale papers and making shopping lists.  In block center, Ms. Kelly cut names of stores out of sale papers and taped them to the road map.  The kids enjoyed driving their cars to the store!  On Tuesday, it started snowing after lunch and we had to close early.  Before everyone left, the three and four/five-year-olds enjoyed playing in the snow!

Have a wonderful weekend!