Tuesday, December 31, 2013

HomePlay - Winter Placemats

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  As I started the Christmas clean-up, and I saw all those Christmas cards we got this year, I knew we had to make something with them, plus have one last playtime with all the ribbons and bows.  Ta-da!  A HomePlay was born!

This week, our theme is Winter Weather and Warm Thoughts, where we talk about snow and cold (brrr...) and hot chocolate and mittens (aaahhh...).  I noticed that a lot of the Christmas cards we received this year featured winter scenes, snowmen, and animals playing in snow.  I decided to have craft night with my 19 month and 4-year-old to create some easy winter placemats.  Here's how we did it!

Winter Placemats

  • Contact paper
  • Tape
  • Christmas cards with winter scenes 


1. Gather up all the winter Christmas cards.  Some you may want to keep whole, if they have a pretty scene.  Cut up others to make smaller pictures.  Some of our cards had snowflakes on them and we cut the snowflakes out individually. 

Cut off a piece of contact paper the size you want your placemat to be.  Peel off the paper and tape the contact paper to the table at the corners to keep it from sliding around.  (It's probably good to have this already done before your child sits down at the table.) 

Let the child choose pictures from your winter scene pile and stick onto the contact paper anywhere they like to create a winter collage. 

 When he or she is finished, untape the placemat, cut off another piece of contact paper the same size, peel the paper off and stick it over the placemat.   

Trim the edges so they're even.  Now you have a lovely winter placemat crafted by your little ones!  

It will be clear, but if you want it to show up better, you can put a little wintery wrapping paper behind it.  Just tape it on!

What a pretty table!  Let's eat!


 Continue your fun with contact paper by taping some to a wall or cabinet and letting the little ones stick bows, cards, paper, and ribbon to it!

 Have fun crafting on those cold winter nights!


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