Tuesday, December 3, 2013

HomePlay Idea - Party in a Box!

This week at The Pa-Paw Patch, we're talking all about birthdays, parties, and celebrations!  To have fun at home, we've created a "Party in a Box" you can keep at home for all those times when a stuffed animal's birthday comes around, to celebrate your child's half-birthday, or whenever your child feels the need to throw a party!  It's a great way to encourage imaginative play, and so easy to create with stuff around the house!

Party in a Box!

Fill your box with anything that can be used to throw a party.  Our box has:
  • Party plates
  • Party napkins
  • Party cups
  • Bows
  • Wrapping paper cut into squares
  • Boxes of different sizes to "wrap"
  • Cake candles
  • Party hats
  • Gift bags
  • Streamers (crepe paper cut into strips) to use as decorations
We're looking forward to throwing some pretend parties this week!  Now you can have a party at home too, not to mention an awesome toy to foster little ones' imaginations!  

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