Monday, November 11, 2013

HomePlay Idea - Animal Family Theme

This week, as a treat, we're going to have TWO HomePlay ideas!  Exciting, right?

Our theme for this week is Families.  We're talking about our families and animal families, so this first HomePlay is an activity board that we actually made for every class.  You can make one for home too!  Change the pictures out for different seasons or themes to keep it fresh at home.  For toddlers, make the easy matching board, where the ribbon with the baby animal on it is attached to the mommy animal pocket.  The harder matching game, for Pre-Ks, has the ribbons with the baby animal pictures at the bottom for them to match to the mommy pockets.  Matching is an important pre-math skill that little ones have fun practicing!

The Easy Matching Board
animal family matching board finished
Easy Matching Board, all matched up

Easy Matching Board, ready to match

 The Harder Matching Board

Mommy and Baby Matching Board

  • A piece of cardboard or foam board approximately 10 inches by 20 inches
  • ribbon, cut into lengths around 16 to 20 inches (for harder game), shorter for easier game
  • construction paper and/or cardstock

  1. Cover your piece of cardboard with paper, if you want your board a prettier color.
  2. Cut out six 5 inch by 7 inch pieces of construction paper.  Fold it almost in half (leave a little sticking out at the top so it's easier for the child to slide a card in) and tape the two sides together to form a pocket.  (We actually used self-adhesive vinyl pockets, like you stick in library books.)
  3. Decide whether you want to make an easier matching game or a harder one.  For the easy game, tape a length of ribbon to the back bottom center of each pocket.  Glue or tape the six pockets onto the board.
  4. If you're making a harder matching game, tape the lengths of ribbon across the back bottom of the board.
  5. Tape a picture of a mommy animal (make one a human mommy if you want!) on the front of each pocket.  
  6. Tape a picture of a baby animal to the end of each ribbon.  Make sure the baby animal reaches easily to the mommy animal.  
  7. Have fun matching!  Our Patchers sure did!

HomePlay idea #2 will be coming your way tomorrow!

And if you're looking for more craft ideas find them here: HomePlay from The Pa-Paw Patch

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