Wednesday, November 13, 2013

HomePlay Idea - Family Theme

As promised (but a day late!), here's another HomePlay idea for you to do with the little ones at home this week, right in time for Thanksgiving.  Make an easy "My Family" book with pictures of all the people in your family.  Write their relationship to the child and their name below the picture.  This is especially wonderful for families that are spread out, so that the little ones can know far-away loved ones a little better.

picture of finished My Family Book

My Family Book


  • Construction paper
  • Markers, paint, crayons, etc. to decorate the pages with
  • Pictures of family members (don't forget your child's picture too!)
  • Hole Puncher
  • Yarn
  • Cut a few sheets of construction paper into book size.  Ours is 6 inches by 7 inches, but you can do any size you want.  You can also make as many sheets as you need.
  • Glue one picture onto each page.  Write that family member's relationship to the child and the person's name under the picture, such as "Aunt Casey".  Your child can decorate the pages if he/she desires!
inside pages of My Family Book project

  • Decorate a sheet to be the front of your book.  Write "My Family" on the outside.  Punch three holes in the side and lace a string of yarn through the holes to tie the book together.

Enjoy looking through your family book and talking about the people in your family!  Share it with everyone at Thanksgiving dinner too!

And if you're looking for more craft ideas find them here: HomePlay from The Pa-Paw Patch


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