Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Week - October 28-31

Halloween week was definitely a "treat" here at the Patch!  We ended our week with a classroom trick-or treat where the children went room to room and got candy.  Every class had a Halloween party for snack time on Thursday as well.  Through the week, fun Halloween activities were happening in our classrooms.

Our one-year-olds did spooky dances with new wrist ribbons!

wrist ribbons at The Pa-Paw Patch

The two-year-olds led a Halloween Parade around the parking lot after our classroom trick-or-treat!

The three-year-olds went on a ghost hunt.  A classmate pretended to be a ghost and hid, while the others walked around with flashlights, searching for the ghost!

The four-year-olds worked on their fine motor skills by hammering golf tees into a pumpkin.  They had a great time!

We hope you had a happy Halloween!  We sure did here at The Pa-Paw Patch!

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