Monday, October 21, 2013

HomePlay Idea - Monster Theme

Each week, we'll post an activity you can do at home that goes along with the week's theme.  This week, our theme is Mister Monster.  Make this sensory tub at home to help your little monster with pre-math and fine motor skills!

monster theme sensory tub

Mister Monster Sensory Tub

pompoms in a color to look like dog food or kibble
measuring cups and spoons
cut out pictures of monsters, or monster stuffed animals

Put this all in a tub and let your child feed the monsters.  Place the monsters outside of the tub with a bowl in front of each and encourage your child to use a measuring cup to pour food in the monster's bowl.  Show them how 1 cup of "food" in a bowl looks the same as two 1/2 cups of food in another bowl.  Let them mix and pour and play with the tub as they like.

Have fun!


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