Friday, October 25, 2013

Monster Week - October 21-25

Our little monsters have been up to all sorts of fun things this week!  Take a peek of what's been happening during Monster Week at The Pa-Paw Patch!

We started the week off with a fun gymnastics time with Ms. Karen!

gymnastics at the Pa-Paw Patch

On Wednesday, we enjoyed a monster music time with Ms. Pam.

monster music time at the Pa-Paw Patch

Our one-year-olds blew through a straw onto paint blobs to create these monsters.

The two-year-olds made monster masks and gooey monster eye sensory bags.  Spooky!

gooey monster sensory bags for preschoolers

 The three-year-olds made monsters by squishing paint blobs, and with their hand and footprints.

 Hand and Footprint Monsters by the Pa-Paw Patch 

Our four-year-olds carved a pumpkin and made monster faces.

carving a jack-o-lantern at the Pa-Paw Patch

Jack-o-Lantern Carved by Pa-Paw Patch Preschoolers

Preschool Monster Artwork

We're looking forward to a fun week next week when we talk about Halloween!  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Cute! How did you make the goo in the gooey masks?

  2. It's hair gel! You can buy it colored, or buy clear and use food coloring to color it anyway you choose.