Wednesday, October 23, 2013

HomePlay Idea - Creepy Crawly Sensory Tub

It's pretty hard to find sensory tubs that babies and toddlers can play with, so we created this tub especially for them!  Older children would like it too.  We used many textures for our "worms" to stimulate little fingers.  Make one at home and see how your children decide to play!

creepy crawly sensory tub
Creepy Crawly Worm Sensory Tub

As many different textured items you can find that can be braided

*We used yarn, an old sock cut into three pieces, crepe paper, ribbon, and twisted ribbon used for decorating wrapped gifts.

sensory tub

1.) Braid the materials in different lengths to create all kinds of worms.  Just knot at the ends.

2.) Use a few inches of yarn and knot it in the middle to create a spider (use about 6 strands of yarn - I know your spider will not have the correct number of legs but we have to make them big enough for little ones to play with).

3.) Let the play began!  Little ones should have a great time exploring this worm tub!

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